Michael Chemers

“To me, the connections between scholarly, philosophical research grounded in social consciousness and the act of teaching is as natural as breathing; the first is inhaling, the second is exhaling”

Michael Chemers is an Associate Professor in the Theater Arts Department, as well as the Director of the Digital Arts & New Media Program (DANM). He received the Excellence in Teaching Award after the 2013-2014 academic year. Michael Chemers was the founding Director of the Bachelor in Fine Arts Dramaturgy program at Carnegie Mellon University.

Interview Questions:

0:00 Introduction
0:24 What is your teaching style or philosophy?
1:26 How do you keep students engaged in your classroom?
2:23 How do you use iClickers and other technology in the classroom?
3:12 What’s your research about?
3:49 How has your research affected your teaching?
4:42 What’s your current interdisciplinary project?
5:39 How do you feel about online education?
6:42 Closing Thoughts?

Michael Chemers’ Course Materials:
Monsters Syllabus 2015
290-C: Theater Arts Graduate Seminar

Teaching Statement
Michael Chemers Teaching Statement

Contact Michael Chemers
Website: http://theater.ucsc.edu/faculty/chemers
Email: chemers@ucsc.edu
Phone: 831-502-7571
Office: J-18


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