So You Think Your Lecture Course is Better than a MOOC?

A Senate Forum on MOOCs and online education, aimed at highlighting contemporary teaching methods. The event was held on April 23, 2014.

Faculty, lecturers, and students came and stretched their pedagogical muscles by listening to a variety of “lightning talks” from UCSC professors on their successful instructional techniques, and then participating in a Q&A.

Talks included:
Charlie McDowell – “Having your cake and eating it too-why is it either or?”
Kirsten Silva-Gruesz – “Leading with Reading”
Kevin Karplus – “Designing Courses to Teach Design”
Bruce Bridgeman – “Psychology vs. Experience: Do you see what’s on your retina?”
Dan Selden – “Teaching and Transference”
Michael Chemers – “Presence and Transformation: What’s Missing from a MOOC”

Click here to watch the whole event.
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