Grants & Awards

Excellence in Teaching Awards
The Excellence in Teaching Award is sponsored by the Academic Senate’s Committee on Teaching (COT). The awards, based on student nominations, recognize UCSC’s exceptional educators of undergraduate and graduate students.

Systemwide ILTL Block Grants, Spring 2015
ILTI has released block grants outside of their RFP cycle, and has lessened the requirement of offering funded courses six times over three years (excluding summer). The new requirement drops the number of offerings to five. Additionally, the long-form proposal process that ILTI had been using has been replaced by a letter of interest accompanied by approvals at the campus, Dean, Chair and faculty levels, so the process is now much easier. Interested faculty should contact Michael Tassio  by Friday, April 3 (mtassio@ucsc.edu831-459-1349) to develop letters of interest.


2016-17 Impact Grants Program, which includes Teaching/Learning grants and Campus Climate grants.

1) IDEA Impact Teaching/Learning Grants are designed to promote effective student learning through the careful exploration and systematic documentation of the efficacy of various teaching practices, learning environments, and institutional policies. Examples of eligible projects include but are not limited to classroom interventions designed to improve student learning; investigations of student and course characteristics that are related to learning; evaluation of innovative teaching methods; methods for engaging students in online courses; innovative approaches to faculty development; comprehensive approaches to teaching evaluation; and the use of student ratings to improve teaching effectiveness.

2) IDEA Impact Campus Climate Grants are intended to support increased knowledge and understanding of campus climate issues that impact student learning and the ability of institutions to successfully carry out their mission. Examples of eligible projects include but are not limited to innovative approaches to leadership development; interventions designed to improve institutional, college, or departmental climate; investigations of methods to improve faculty recruitment, development, and retention; and strategies and approaches that improve student well-being.
Deadline:                    March 31, 2016

The Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education and the Academic Senate Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) are pleased to announce the availability of funds to assist with instructional improvement initiatives for grants focused on Disciplinary Communication.

DC Grant Proposal deadline: March 18, 2016  at 5 p.m. send via email to Susanna Wrangell ( or Senate (
Funding available: July 1, 2016
Report required: July 1, 2017

The purpose of Disciplinary Communication Grants (DCG) is to enhance writing proficiency and accomplishment within majors by promoting innovation and assessment of new approaches to DC education.

To view funded projects visit:

Decision Making:
CEP will recommend to the VPDUE that proposals receive funding based on the purpose stated in the application and the department’s justification for the request. Proposals that are submitted after the due date will be considered as long as funds are available.

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