David H. Anthony

“No teacher should fail to recognize that teachers are taught by their students as much or more than they may teach them”

David Anthony is a Professor in the History Department, and specializes in African and African-American history, art, music, literature and cinema. He received the Excellence in Teaching Award after the 2013-2014 academic year.

Interview Questions
0:00 Introduction
0:17 What kind of teaching training did you have before coming to UCSC?
1:49 How has mentorship played a role in your teaching career?
4:52 How have you incorporated technology into your classroom?
6:19 How do you identify and adjust to the needs of your students?
7:21 What are some barriers to student success?
8:54 What do you find to be the most satisfying thing about teaching?

Teaching Statement
David Anthony Teaching Statement

Contact David Anthony
: danthony@ucsc.edu
Phone: 831-459-4028
Office: 532 Humanities 1

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